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The institute’s aim is to create
leaders for the 21
st century by exposing students to educational, cultural, and recreational activities.   


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D’Lana Brown, 2004-2007 Alumni

Involvement: Saturday Academy; Quiz Bowl; LLI Summer Camp Counselor; Louisiana Leadership Mass Choir

The Louisiana Leadership Institute helped me to become a better person by challenging me and helping me showcase talents I otherwise would have normally hidden.

Micah Guillory, 2006-2009 Alumni

Involvement: All-Star Marching Band

The Louisiana Leadership Institute showed me how to be responsible, work at what I love to do, and how to appreciate when I’m given something good. Louisiana Leadership has allowed me to prove to myself that I can accomplish any goal I set out to achieve.

Abner Patin, 2008-2009 Alumni

Involvement: All-Star Marching Band

The Louisiana Leadership Institute taught me how to be a leader and not a follower

Joshua Hollins, 2008-2009 Alumni

Involvement: Executive Board

The Louisiana Leadership Institute was a great opportunity for me. It empowered me to take an interest in volunteering in my community.

Brittany Lauren Matthews, 2000-2004 Alumni

Involvement: Academic Academy; LLI Student President; Legislative Aid; Quiz Bowl

The Louisiana Leadership Institute provided numerous positive experiences, and opportunities during the yeas I participated. The Academic Academy allowed me to excel on the ACT and the becoming Student President introduced me to politics, as well as allowed me to visit Washington, D.C.