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The institute’s aim is to create
leaders for the 21
st century by exposing students to educational, cultural, and recreational activities.   


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Prospective Students

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The Louisiana Leadership Institute is a youth non-profit organization providing programs and services designed to development, supporting a positive self image, promoting professionalism, encouraging social interaction, and instilling a broad world view. The Institute's aim is to create leaders for the 21st century. Senator Cleo Fields, the program’s founder, formed the Louisiana Leadership Institute in 1998.

The Institute has established a record of invaluable student service and it encourages students and parents to utilize the programs to the fullest.


Members may participate in an auxiliary capacity, meaning the child enjoys one or two of the Institute’s offerings; or elect to undertake the more rigorous and dynamic training inherent to full membership.

Through a four point plan of action the Institute seeks to positively impact the overall life experiences of all members, both auxiliary and full, by effectively preparing them to undertake leadership roles in society. Utilizing the fundamental theories advanced in recent scholarly writings on how best to develop leadership skills in children, Knowledge Acquisition, Character Development, Social Interaction, and Global Viewpoints are the programmatic areas which provide the necessary underpinning to all we do.

The Knowledge Acquisition component covers after school and weekend tutoring, creative expression through music, dance, theatre and the visual arts; and professional skills development programs like student internships and mentoring.

Character Development focuses on each member’s internal development. Programs focusing on instilling self confidence, encouraging independent thinking, improving personal presentation in terms of manners, hygiene, and appearance; and self determination all fall within the character development category.

Social Interaction covers topics such as interpersonal communication, teamwork, and conflict resolution.

And lastly, Global Viewpoints exposes members to the rest of the world. Through this component, we seek to broaden each member’s concept of community by encouraging a sense of communal responsibility through volunteerism and activism, promoting cultural awareness, helping members to understand historical context and consciousness, and political awareness.

We understand that children need clean, well cared for environments to thrive in, therefore members also enjoy the luxury of studying and practicing in a newly constructed state-of-the-art facility; offering classroom space, a technology laboratory, a performance stage, and a basketball court. Additional construction, to include a football field and other programmatic facilities, is anticipated.