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The institute’s aim is to create
leaders for the 21
st century by exposing students to educational, cultural, and recreational activities.   


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Our Mission

Our Mission

In order for our communities to positively flourish, each generation of people must produce a nucleus of respectable and competent leaders that will yield more productive, industrious, and optimistically-thinking individuals in our society. Leadership characteristics can come as an inherent trait in some individuals; while for other individuals, these “traits” must be acquired by learning. In either case, inherited or learned, in order for leadership skills to be predictably effective, these behavioural characteristics must be developed and honed. In order to provide such opportunities for development and improvement for students in the Baton Rouge area, the Louisiana Leadership Institute was formed in 1998 to facilitate this need. Therefore, the mission of the Louisiana Leadership Institute is to be a non-profit organization that provides programs and services to build leadership, improve academic skills, and increase self esteem and motivation in the Greater Baton Rouge Metro area students. The Institute’s aim is to create leaders for the 21st century by exposing students to educational, cultural, and recreational activities.

All of our programs and services are built upon a four-point plan of action which consists of…

Through this four-point plan of action, the programs and services offered by the Institute addresses educational and global awareness as well as many of the basic life skills that children should be exposed to in order to function productively and successfully in our Information-Age-based, global society. It is these four premises that serve as our foundation and qualitative measuring stick to evaluate each program and service provided by our organization.