At The Louisiana Leadership Institute, we have a class every Saturday from 10 AM – 12 PM. The class is the core of our organization where we are able to educate and inspire the youth of Baton Rouge. During the class the students learn about various topics such as: politics, current events, public speaking, interpersonal skills, and much more.

The class typically takes one trip a year where the students participate in an experience that is both educational and fun. In the past couple of years the class has visited Washington D.C. and Chicago, Illinois. While in the DMV area, the class visited the White House where they got to personally interact with the late Former United States Representative Elijah Cummings. They also visited the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier where they witnessed the changing of the guard. While in Chicago some of the students participated and placed in Rev. Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow Push Coalition Speech competition.

The class also has a few events every year that are all-time favorites such as: The Christmas Concert, The Black History Program, The Senior Service Project, and The Senior’s Graduation Ceremony.


  • The Christmas Program consists of current students and Leadership alumni coming together once a year around Christmas time to share their musical talents with the community.
  • The Black History Program consists of students in the class honoring our ancestors by putting on plays, singing songs, doing spoken words, and much more.
  • The Senior Service Project is where our class of graduating seniors develops a meaningful project in effort to give back to the community before meeting their graduation milestone. Click here to read details about the 2020 Senior Project.
  • The Senior Graduation Ceremony is a time where we celebrate the seniors graduating from high school and therefore the Institute. In the past we had dinners at restaurants, crawfish boils and cookouts, and there are really special graduation gifts for the seniors!

Students who attend the class have gone off to various colleges such as Stanford University, Harvard University, Howard University, Wiley College, Southern University, Spelman College, Morehouse College, Tulane University, etc. In addition, many of the alumni of the organization, who are now Nurses, Wall Street Bankers, Lawyers, Doctors, often return to impart wisdom and connect with the current students.

The class is led by the founder, State Senator Cleo Fields, and frequented by local judges, radio hosts, political commentators, and many other affluent members of the Baton Rouge community who often participate as guest speakers.

Due to COVID – 19 there may be some postponements to some class activities.

Requirements to Join the Class:

    • Minimum grade is 3rd
    • Maximum grade is 11th
    • Our program accepts students in the fall and spring time

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